Our Story

Cooliea is a health-tech start up borned in Den Haag. A group of fun geeks from Netherlands, Slovakia, Germany and UK that want to make the world more environmental friendly!

Period solution has not been changed much in the past centuries!That is so sad because meanwhile we plan to send human to Mars. What are the better and greener solutions for period other than period pad, tampon and period cup? There must be something out there!

After countless trial of cutting, designing, material-optimising and lot of surveys, Cooliea finally launched: cooliea undie, your all-in-one, period proof underwear bikini. It is a completed replacement for period pad, tampon or cup. We gave more than 50 samples to people of all ages who have periods( including trans boy which may occur to have different cutting need), just to maximum the comfort and the style.

Thanks to our cooliea ventil-cool tech, you can just ditch all those unbreathable, thick period pads now! We don’t absorb, we only ventilate the moisture part and keep you always cool. That is the power of tech, and tech is what we believe!

But we do not stop here, as we mentioned, our aim is to contribute to the society with sustainable products, practice the “reuse, reduce, recycle” rule. Each cooliea is design to be use for 2 years and it is easy to maintain, so you can stop buying all the other mensuration products. 

Why stop buying disposable period products is great? Because every year more than 12 billions pads/tampon have been thrown out and 90% of them go to landfill. A person will dispose 12,000 pads/tampons in her life time(unbelievable right?). Most products in the hygiene industries are not biodegradable: a regular disposable pad/or tampon is worth 4 plastic bag, imaging a period you may throw out 60 plastic bags! 

We are very passionate about our work and it is very important for us to feel good about everything we create! With you, who support us, will make us go even further!

We are proud to be a Cooliean!

Be cool!



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