How Cooliea Works!

Wonder why cooliea is so cool? Technology is the power!

Cooliea are washable, reusable undies designed to replace pads and tampons, but we are better than just that, you can also wear them as active wear/swimwear! Perfect to match your summer style, grab them and hop on to your holidays! 

Different from normal pads or tampons, since Cooliea do not absorb, you won't feel stuffy under your butt at all! No more bad sensation of sitting on a moist fabric! 

Basically, they look and feel just like your regular undies——but much better! 

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Wonder how Cooliea looks in real life? Check out our fresh photos taken @MonsterBeach near Den Haag!  





 Wash & Care

Taking care of your Cooliea is easy! You can either hand wash your Cooliea or use your washing machine! We suggest you wash your Cooliea under 30 degrees Celsius without fabric softener or bleach.  You may wash them at temperatures higher than 30 degrees Celsius, but doing so may cause a negative effect on the ventilation layers. P.S. General washing detergent and soap kill 99% bacteria, so by pairing that with our anti-bacterial material, you don't need to worry about the hygiene! 



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