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Laundry B(ear)ag

Our anti mircoplastic washing bag is an effective, scientifically proven solution to protect your dedicate clothes and prevent mircoplastic pollution while washing! It reduces...
€9,99 €5,99
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Cooliea Period Cup

JA! We zijn Nederlands en accepteren iDEAL betalingen! Cooliea cup is the perfect menstrual cup that can be worn for up to 12 hours, so...
€25,99 von €15,99
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2x MakeUp Remover Gloves

Double sides organic cotton make up gloves!    Cleanse and refresh with the Cooliea make up gloves , an innovative glove that sweeps away makeup using...
€15,99 von €8,99
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Always with you

During pregnancy, you may leak urine between trips to the bathroom.You may find that this is especially true when you cough, laugh, sneeze, or do other physical activities that put stress on the pelvic floor muscles.
Cooliea is here to back you up! With our leak-proof technology, we can also sort out the leaking urine problem. When trouble happens outside your home, you’re still safe with Cooliea!The XL and above size are make for mother who is carrying her baby!

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